129S Powder/Blush

For Powders, Full Rounded Shape, Shades Cheeks


109S Small Contour

For Powders, Rounded Dome Tip, Contours Face


270 Synthetic Mini Rounded Slant Brush

For Cream/Liquid Concealers, Slanted Mini Dome Shape, Helps to Cover Imperfections


125S Split Fibre Dense Face

For Powders/Creams, Short Dense Shape, Shades Face


150S Large Powder

For Powders, Rounded Shape, Dusts On Product


168S Large Angled Contour

For Powders, Slanted Tip, Contours Cheeks


140 Synthetic Full Fan Brush

For Powders, Full Rounded Fan Shape, Shades Face


429SES Face Powder Brush / Pony Park

For Cheeks and Face, Round Tapered Shape, Special Packaging


182S Buffer

For All Formulas, Flat-Topped, Two Fibres


129Shs Powder/Blush

Full Rounded Shape, Shades Cheeks, Short Handle


129S Powder Brush / The Disney Cruella Collection By M·A·C

Full Rounded Shape, Shades Cheeks, Limited Edition


135S Large Flat Powder

For Powders, Double Chiseled Shape, Shades Face


184S Duo Fibre Fan

For Creams/Liquids, Fan-Shaped, Two Fibres


187S Duo Fibre Face

For All Formulas, Circular Shape, Two Fibres


137S Long Blending

For Powders, Long Dome Tip, Shades Face


133S Small Cheek

For Powders, Elongated Paddle Shape, Shades Cheeks


188S Small Duo Fibre Face

For Powders, Dome-Shaped, Buffs Face


127S Split Fibre Face

For Powders, Paddle-Shaped, Shades Face


116S Blush

For Powders, Chiseled Sides, Shades Cheeks


130S Short Duo Fibre

For All Formulas, Flat-Topped, Two Fibres


128S Split Fibre Cheek

For Powders, Short Dense Shape, Shades Cheeks


170 Synthetic Rounded Slant Brush

For Creams/Liquids, Slanted Dome Shape, Shades Face


196 Slanted Flat Top Foundation Brush

For Foundation, Flat Slanted Tip, Short Bristles


190 Synthetic Foundation Brush

For Foundation, Paddle-Shaped, Shades Face


191 Square Foundation Brush

For Foundation, Flat Square-Shaped, Shades Face


195 Synthetic Concealer Brush

For Concealer, Pointed Tip, Precisely Applies


Brush Cleanser

Cleansing, Disinfecting, Conditions Brushes