For Powders/Creams, Oval Shape, Limited-Edition Packaging


221S Mini Tapered Blending

For Powders, Tapered Tip, Blends Shadow


286S Duo Fibre Tapered

For All Formulas, Dome-Shaped, Two Fibres


240S Large Tapered Blending

For Powders, Large Tapered Shape, Blends Shadow


239S Eye Shader

For Powders, Rounded Edge, Shades Eyes


208S Angled Brow

For All Formulas, Angled Tip, Shades Brows


217S Blending

For Powders/Creams, Oval Shape, Blends Shadow


224S Tapered Blending

For Powders, Dome-Shaped, Blends Shadow


242S Shader

For Powders/Emollients, Rounded Edge, Shades Eyes


252S Large Shader

For Powders/Emollients, Paddle-Shaped, Shades Eyes


219S Pencil

For Powders/Creams, Pencil-Shaped, Defines Eyes


204 Synthetic Lash Brush

For Lashes, Spoolie Shape, Grooms Lashes/Brows


205 Synthetic Mascara Fan Brush

For Mascara, Fan-Shaped, Coats/Separates Lashes


209 Synthetic Eye Liner Brush

For Liquids/Creams, Fine-Tipped, Lines Eyes


210 Synthetic Precise Eye Liner Brush

For Liquids/Creams, Extra Fine Tip, Lines Eyes


212 Synthetic Flat Definer Brush

For All Formulas, Flat-Shaped, Defines Eyes


231 Synthetic Small Shader Brush

For Powders/Creams, Paddle-Shaped, Shades Eyes


263 Synthetic Small Angle Brush

For All Formulas, Angled Tip, Shapes Eyes/Brows


Brush Cleanser

Cleansing, Disinfecting, Conditions Brushes


Hand-sculpted using the finest quality materials, MAC eye makeup brushes make it easy to create professional makeup effects. These brushes are made using the latest innovations in fibre technology, so they offer excellent precision and control. Plus they’re durable, stylish and easy to clean.

Use your MAC eyeshadow blending brush to apply and blend your eye shadow. Another essential brush for any makeup kit is an angled eyeliner brush, which makes it possible to create different eyeliner effects with perfect precision. Paired with a MAC liner you can amp up the glamour of your look, for eyes that shine.

Complete your collection with a MAC eyebrow brush and eyebrow comb. A spoolie brush makes it easy to tame unruly eyebrows and create stylish brow effects. Add a touch of mascara to further highlight your eyes, or browse our range of lash accessories to find eyelash extensions for added impact.