Love at first swipe! Fall in love with an all-new argan oil-infused formula that delivers an instant hit of powerful colour and all-day moisture. With a weightless feel and satin-soft finish, Love Me Lipstick loves you back.


Wear your heart on your lips
with an expressive collection
of courageous crimsons,
fierce fuchsias, bold burgundies
and strong wines that
create an intensely vibrant
mix of EXTRAordinarily
passionate reds.

Feel empowered to express
yourself in any way you choose
with a range of no-filter nudes,
full-bodied peaches, bare-naked
browns and not-your-baby pinks
that create a series of
universally flattering neutrals.

Own your individuality –
loudly and proudly – with a
lineup of ostentatious orchids,
loud-mouth mauves, vivid
violets and self-love-promoting
lavenders that gives lips
a striking punch of
unapologetic colour.